Welcome – Letter from the editor

November 2016 / 21/11/2016

There is something quite poetic about Flinders. We sow the seeds of passion for learning and keep feeding essential values, such as empathy, compassion and ethics. When the right time comes, we reap the rewards of well rounded citizens, set to leave their mark in the world.

Along our unique journey at the College, we all experience a rollercoaster of emotions: joy, sadness, laughter, grumpiness, pain, excitement, anxiety and serenity. Oh boy, it is so worth it! Ultimately, what remains is a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

I think about all the young parents starting the Flinders journey now. They will discover every day a bit more about themselves through their children, sometimes just by observing their little traits. As years go by, they will keep busy trying to support them through the highs and lows of their development.

I also empathise with Year 12 parents who are about to conclude an important chapter of their story at Flinders. They have seen incredible transformation over the years. When their children were in Prep in 2004, Facebook was being launched, smartphones did not exist, Harry Potter was as popular as ever and U2 was still one of the coolest bands on the planet (I know, I know…). Since then, our campus has welcomed a brand new Chapel, the Primary Pavilion and an outstanding Performance Centre.

However, the biggest changes for veteran parents probably happens at an emotional level. A new life stage is upon them, but there is far less anxiety. They know better by now; their “little babies” are ready to fly. Soon, ordinary memories will gain a different significance and will be cherished, including the dreaded morning battles to get kids ready in time for school. Who would have thought?

Most of us don’t realise during our Flinders years that we are all building and reinforcing a collective legacy: an incessant quest for being the best we can be, as students, parents, staff and human beings.

FlindersLife is here to celebrate this delightful circle of life, our love for learning and our appreciation for belonging to such a wonderful community.