Crowd Funding

November 2016 / 22/11/2016

We are a generous community, but it is getting harder to attract attention in times of digital overexposure.

Over the years, our community has exhibited a deeply entrenched culture of giving. The kindness and generosity of Flinders families, staff and students has been consistently demonstrated in initiatives such as Hair Aid, Kids Foundation and Nepal earthquake relief, among many others.

Unfortunately, not all honourable deeds attract the deserved attention.

Thousands of projects in Australia and overseas are simultaneously trying to stand out and generate contributions. Despite all good intentions, many of these projects simply fade within the virtual clutter.

You may have noticed that the number of fundraising activities has multiplied exponentially in recent years. In times where social media and smartphones are ubiquitous, it has never been easier to initiate and promote a charitable initiative.

Whether you are fundraising traditionally or crowdfunding a project, it is essential to understand that there are rules to be followed in order to maximise your chances of success:

Plan carefully what you are trying to convey:
What, why, when, who, where, how and how much?

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel if you are fundraising for an existing project.
Try to find out which resources are already available to promote the cause (videos, posters, flyers etc.).

Keep it simple.
Ensure that your communication is objective and professional, without overspending.

Use tested and tried crowdfunding and fundraising online platforms such as Crowdrise, MyCause or EverydayHero.
These platforms will give you ideas and will make it easier for you to develop and promote your cause,  as well as streamlining the collection of funds.

Produce a short simple video explaining the cause.
The personal touch can make a big difference, increasing engagement.

Share with your social media networks and encourage your friends to do the same. Don’t be shy!

Do you have some ideas or projects that you would like to share? The College is always interested in assisting our community to promote charitable causes. Please email    

Fundraising vs Crowdfunding

Fundraising and Crowdfunding have the same objectives.

Fundraising is a way of raising money for a benign cause, often aiming to improve people’s lives.

Crowdfunding is derived from fundraising, but with a key difference: it uses the power of groups of individuals or a community to start a cause or project.

It is important to be aware that crowdfunding platforms usually charge a small commission on each donation, which is how they fund their business.

IMPORTANT: Before commiting to any platform, it is advisable to investigate all pros and cons of each service, including local support and hidden fees.