Parents and Friends

November 2016 / 22/11/2016

An insight into the activities of this dedicated group of parents

Many families at Flinders are not aware of the huge impact this committed group of parents make in our community. From volunteering to financial support, the P&F is always there to support our students to be the best they can be.

The Matthew Flinders Parents & Friends Association is a vital element of the College having played, and continuing to play, an important part in its community since the foundation of Flinders in 1990.

The association’s objectives are:

to promote and uphold the principles of Christian education;

to support and enhance the educational outcomes, health and wellbeing of students and the College through fundraising and other activities;

to provide a channel of communication between parents / friends and the College leadership;

to provide a medium for the cultivation of friendship and the sharing of information;

to be the umbrella body for the managing of our supporter groups, who also support our children in both the academic and non-academic setting.

To put it simply, our objectives can be explained as fundraising, friendraising and supporting this wonderful College and its broad community. We deliver on these objectives by holding numerous events such as the Flinders Fair, the Primary Disco, the Gala Ball and the Monster Raffle to name just a few; the funds raised from these events allows us to support many of the requests for financial support received from the students as well as contribute financially to projects of the College.

The P&F Association also supports the College with the Young Endeavour scholarship, a gift to the senior students, providing an opportunity to access a leadership development program on-board a 44 metre square rigged tall ship.

Please consider becoming involved with the P&F Association, either directly by joining the committee or indirectly by supporting our events and activities. It’s a great and personally rewarding way to contribute to the Flinders community.

Darren Steinhardt
P&F President

Recent Contributions to the College

Tiered seating on the Banana Oval – $35,000

Cafe Lounges – $10,000

Primary Bali Hut and decking – $14,000

Primary tuckshop flooring – $2,500

Primary Library bay ends – $2,200

Rugby scrum machine – $3,000

Basketball Dr Dish machine – $9,000

Secondary Musical support – $2,500

Secondary – tents for Outdoor Education program – $1,000

Secondary – Kuya Centre project – $500

Secondary – Borneo Science/Community service project – $500

Flinders Cricket Club support – $6,200

Flinders Soccer Club goal posts – $4,000

Flinders Swim Club support – $2,500

Young Endeavour (two students) – $8,000

College gym squat rack equipment – $700

Outside School Hours Care equipment – $900